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Ionic App Development

Ionic App Development

Hybrid development adopts an approach to write the code once, run everywhere to build an app. It leverages different plugins to enable unrestrained access to the features of the mobile device. Web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are the core of these apps while deploying a native container.

Hybrid apps use shared code to deploy across multiple platforms Android and iOS. It offers a perfect blend of both native and web features. It provides a unique avenue for enterprises looking for an app that works on various devices to expand their business operations. It lets you engage customers irrespective of the platform they use. Whether you want an app to entice, be a game, or take photos, these types of apps offer tons of excellent options to leap into the mobility world.

Ionic provides a set of tools for building native iOS and Android applications, and mobile-ready Progressive Web Apps, using familiar web libraries, frameworks, and languages. Ionic Capacitor is a cross-platform native bridge that allows you to turn any web project into a native iOS or Android mobile application.

Advantages of Ionic

  • Developer friendly.
  • It's flexible.
  • One codebase, multiple apps.
  • Tools with native compatibility.
  • Extensive choice of UI elements and quick prototyping.
  • Testing convenience.
  • Frontend agnostic.